Welcome to Magical Meadows! This is a biodiversity-focused project to reclaim a small bit of urban space where nature and humans thrive together. Magical Meadows wants to test future ideas of how citizens and municipalities can work together in new ways for a more sustainable future.

Rather than a city planning and implementing ‘greening’ projects alone, we think that municipalities and citizens can achieve more by  collaborating. The city provides space, opportunities and knowledge while citizens co-fund, initiate ideas, explore, learn and create stronger and happier communities. The result is a permanent evolving urban space full of sharing, caring and generous knowledge.

We start small, but have big ideas
. Our goals are long term, we want to explore new ways of co-existing with nature in the city. Did you know anyone can claim the use of a parking space for 3 weeks for projects like this? This temporary mini meadow is the very first start of a story that ends with new collaborations, new conversations about the future, and maybe more ambitious transformations.

In the face of climate change, we know cities need to change. And much is possible - and happening already. Citizens could e.g. co-own their own energy production, they could grow their own food, they could help each other through better ways of belonging, they could collaboratively take care of their own streets, they could help other streets and we could see a joyful local movement growing. But it starts with small actions and conversations.

What if we could co-own street installations?

What if there was a digital platform that streamlined permit application processes?

What if citizens were given more responsibility?

What if we started testing ideas on a large scale?

What if streets were a fun social place full of joy?

Project by Dark Matter Labs, 2021